My latest book of poems,
She Speaks to the Birds at Night While They Sleep, winner of the 2020 Tebot Bach Clockwise Chapbook Contest, is now available on Amazon & Small Press Distribution!

A few words…

Writing, reading and listening to poetry keeps us believing in the magical, the spirit of the human that sees beyond the glory and the suffering of being human, beyond the house you live in and the family you were born into. Poetry seeks to look behind the rough sketches that life often offers to uncover the watercolors, abstracts and collages beneath the surface. Like so many before me, I do not consider myself anywhere near mastery of such a sublime and powerful art. I do, however, know for certain that the passion I have for words on the page that transport both the writer and the reader to realms never expected, that blow open the mind and the heart, will never leave me, that I will put those words down on the page until I can no more.

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Written elegantly and consistently in three-line stanzas, these poems are lyric meditations full of delightful surprises. They confront the dark and the light of our lives. ~G. Wronsky

In this book, as in the seasons of a woman’s life, the quotidian world and the world of mystery change places, pause for us to marvel, then change back again. ~N. Cohen

These segments and compact lines turn the facts of the pandemic everyday, the small battles of mundane chores, into sensual impressions that pique like cayenne on the tongue. ~J. Natal

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